Technology can be complicated; your business needs a professional IT Support company that not only fixes problems, but knows what caused them in the first place.

Geeks Online provides proactive IT Support services 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so you can sleep easy knowing your technology is in safe hands.

Some of our support services include

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our solutions architects specialise in designing robust backup and disaster recovery solutions. We us a combination of on-premise and cloud backup systems to provide the most robust solution available to protect your data.

24/7 Monitoring and Management

is proactively checking technology for issues that can result in costly business downtime and taking preventative measures to ensure IT systems are available when they are needed most.

We employ advanced monitoring systems to check, not just for problems, but symptoms that are indicative of imminent system failure. Our staff are expertly trained in the monitoring and management of computer systems, networks and websites.

Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure solutions consist of hardware, software and network systems which collectively make up the IT ecosystem of a business.

Geeks Online design and implement best of breed IT infrastructure solutions to maximise system performance. Our solutions are designed by qualified engineers using industry best practices, combined with decades of real-world experience.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions is about moving traditional IT systems and services into a managed datacentre – often referred to as “The Cloud“.

We can design and implement a customized cloud solution in AWS (Amazon) or Azure (Microsoft). Our solution architects’ will work with your business to come up with a cost-effective pathway to the cloud.

Web Hosting and Support

Web Hosting and Support is a service provided by Geeks Online to hold your website and control the underlying infrastructure and software required for it to run as smoothly as possible.

Our web development and infrastructure team can set up and maintain your website, leaving you to focus on what matters most – building your business.

Server Support (Linux and Windows)

Geeks Online have certified Microsoft and Redhat Enterprise Linux Engineers on staff (some with over 20 years of experience) to support your business-critical servers.

Providing proactive and reactive IT support for Windows and Linux servers.

Selected Clients

We use technology to empower and grow your business. From Graphic Design and Web Development, through to Server and Netword Support, Geeks Online has helped hundreds of businesses grow online. We’re proud to be the web design agency chosen by brands who want to take charge of their growth.